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Right now you are on one of many personal home pages. Actually is not important who am I, not even the page itself, its design and its language. I'm writing in English but my primary language is Slovenian. My English is not just good enough as I would like to be and I hope anyone who is going to read my lines will accept my apologies for grammar mistakes, or as I'm saying 'half functionality'. I'm a technician. Many things will never see the light and I think it is right so, but some of them will some day, they must, for common good. From now on it is a commercial site too. It is a personal site of Matjaz Marcina also. As I know there is no other Matjaz Marcina on the world and it should be enough.

CPU M1966

Page will grow up from day to day as I did in the past and I'm still growing. If not for some others at least for myself, my family... Special thanks to anyone who gave and gives to me any material for this page. I will mention this courtesy in credits or some other way. Any way I'm a technician, systems engineer, programmer and main purpose is to build a technical site with some informations to help somebody and a place for storing some things which can be accessible from anywhere. You can hear a waltz in the background. It is my favorite waltz and is synthesized by myself. I hope you like it or press a stop button on your browser if you don't. It has a special meaning to me as the sailing boat on one link above has. Well, I wish you a nice day, evening or night whatever is coming first.

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