On this page I will mention only a few of more important personal reference projects at which I've participated or led them, as Matjaz Marcina employed in different companies. I can't to mention all of them because some are confidential. Some are still functional, others are partly or in whole modified.

  • Magistrat International
  • Integration of Windows NT and Novell platform to UNIX-VMS environment, VPN access, Emporium Lj and Mb 
  • KDD Centralna klirinško depotna družba
  • Integraion of ISDN phone switch as DDI interface with Microsoft Exchange and Faxchange system solution of virtual individual fax machines
  • PBS Poštna banka Slovenije
  • Idea project of comunications infrastructure, integration of PBS network to BSnet network - system, comunications and aplications part.
  • Poteza borzno posredniška družba
  • System for securing local area network against attacks from internet - transport part without applications
  • Kras mesnopredelovalna industrija
  • New system based on - Compaq hardware,  VPN for external access, W2k Terminal server, MS SQL 2000
  • Kolektor Idrija
  • System solution of intranet and manufacturing elements construction aplication on plaform Windows NT
  • Luka Koper
  • Systems part of SAP on IBM hardware with W2k cluster server and DB2 database
  • Studio Moderna d.o.o.
  • Migration of Web hosting from WNT to W2k platform