Weather forecast for Ljubljana
Partly Cloudy
-3 ~ 5
-3 ~ 8
Partly Cloudy
-4 ~ 9
-3 ~ 9
Partly Cloudy
-3 ~ 8
Data source and icons: WMO WWIS
Here updated on: Mon 30 Jan 2023
Data provided by ARSO


This is a decoder, for TAF and METAR messages (individual reports or forecasts - with individual I mean from one weather station, one TAF or one METAR.) coded by specifications of World Meteorological Organization(Manual on codes WMO-No.360). Coded messages are used for weather reporting about conditions near or on the airport and forecasting for the aviation. For local conditions(Slovenia), TAF and METAR coded messages for three slovenian airports could be obtained from ENVIRONMENTAL AGENCY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA. ICAO code(LJLJ, LJMB, LJPZ for Ljubljana/Brnik, Maribor, Portoroz). For worldwide locations reports are obtainable from other national weather services and agencies(pay attention on keywords "TAF" or "METAR" at the beginning and "=" at the end of messages - ref. WMO-No.360). Paste a TAF or METAR coded message in the text box below and press a button to decode the message. Official data for locations and their cordinates can be found from official sources like, ICAO doc 7910, on maps for the navigation and other. If decoder is usefull for you, or you have any suggestions or other good or bad opinion about, than please visit my feedback page. Before use read the Legal notice


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